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Whether you're healing from a sports injury, auto injury, or another personal injury, physical therapy is an integral part of your long-term success. Rebuilding strength, flexibility, and confidence in the injured joints and muscles, however, can be a long and painful process. The physical therapy experts at the office of Benjamin Tekippe DC in the New Orleans LA area use a variety of methods to help you regain strength and reduce pain. E-Stim in New Orleans is one of our most popular techniques. This simple treatment helps relax stressed-out muscles and heal faster. What is E-Stim and how can it help you overcome your personal injury?

What is E-Stim in New Orleans

E-Stim is short for electronic stimulation. Your sports injury therapist attaches adhesive pads to the skin around the injured area. These pads have tiny electrodes on them that are attached to a wire connected to a delivery device. When switched on, this device delivers a mild electric impulse. The impulse can be adjusted for comfort, strength, and rhythmic pressure. Therapy sessions generally only last a few minutes. While the patient relaxes, the electrodes gently deliver small doses of electric stimulation that cause muscles to tense and relax. This motion helps remove built-up fluids that cause painful swelling and simulates a light massage. After a single session, most patients experience significant and drug-free relief from pain and stiffness related to their auto injury or other injuries.

An E-Stim machine can be used for acute or chronic pain issues. This low-volt therapy doesn't have to be delivered in a doctor's office. For some patients, having a machine at home allows them to relieve pain whenever they need it most. Depending on the size of the pads, this therapy can be used on any body part effectively.

How Does E-Stim Help You Heal Faster?

There are a number of benefits to using electronic stimulation in conjunction with your physical therapy sessions.

  • Muscle Activation. After surgeries or significant injury, some muscles can freeze up. Electronic stimulation gently encourages frozen muscles to move again, which increases range of motion and aids in rebuilding structural strength.
  • Increased Blood Flow. The electronic stimulation activates blood flow to the affected area. This influx of nutrient-rich fluid helps muscles and bones heal faster.
  • Tissue Stretching. Injured tissues tend to draw together tightly, limiting flexibility and making it more likely that you'll be injured again. The E-Stim relaxes tight muscles, allowing them to lengthen naturally and preventing further injury.
  • Prevent Muscle trophy. For patients who can't move muscles due to bone injuries, electronic stimulation provides enough activity to combat muscle atrophy and the related loss of strength.

Your physical therapist can help you find a schedule that takes full advantage of this simple and effective therapy.

If you're struggling to overcome a long-term injury or want to heal faster from a recent accident, contact the sports injury experts at the office of Benjamin Tekippe DC. We use E-Stim and a variety of other gentle yet effective methods to help you heal quickly from your auto injury or another personal injury. Contact us to find out how this method can be incorporated into your treatment plan.


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